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Loribella - Inspired Keepsakes came about in an earth shaking and unexpected way. It was the early 90s and my husband and I, along with our two small children, had just arrived in California. Shortly after moving into our new home,we were buried under our neighbors two-story brick chimney when it fell on us as we slept during the 1994 earthquake. We lost many special treasures and belongings, but we knew how very blessed we were to survive. Our horrible experience inspired a new appreciation for the little things and special moments in life. It also made me determined to work from home to be close to our children. After losing so many keepsakes, I wanted to replace the beautiful treasures, but found it difficult to locate similar items. The inspiration to offer a line of personalized gifts that would become heirlooms of tomorrow took shape. We offer beautiful, unique, personal treasures and everything needed to make your special day one to remember forever! Thanks for stopping by!


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