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About us

Our company was founded shortly after arriving in California. We were buried alive as a result of the 1994 Northridge quake near LA. By the grace of God, we were spared from severe injury when our neighbor's two story brick chimney fell on us while we were sleeping. The walls, roof & chimney landed right on our bed with us in it, just after one of our children had climbed into bed with us. Our home was destroyed, but we had survived & our other baby miraculously slept through it, despite the crib ending up on the other side of the room. Our family & friends on the East coast and in Europe, found out we were alive by seeing us on TV being interviewed. That horrible nightmare inspired the dream of working from home and being near our children. It also made us realize how your life can change in an instant and how precious special times, keepsakes and celebrations are in creating memories. Many of our wedding gifts, birth plates and heirlooms were ruined in the aftermath of the quake. We found it difficult to replace many of our keepsakes and the idea of becoming a supplier of quality replaceable custom gifts was inspired.Our involvement in local fundraisers and my volunteer work as PTA VP was the launch pad for our company. Since that time, we have done many corporate and private events including producing three business expos in an effort to help businesses grow. Loribella We offer tomorrow's heirloom treasures, custom keepsake gifts, event venue, event design service, workshops, event supplies, custom furniture, fund-raiser items and unique items to our customers. Quantity discounts are available as well along with a generous referral program. In addition, we offer to the trade & entrepreneurs several items in bulk perfect for their shops & as promotional business builders. We also provide tools to help businesses grow their business including free ads on our blog's Classified page and business directory listing.Our radio program is geared towards parents, women, entrepreneurs and patriots. Loribella offers a special way for our customers to save money on all the gifts and items they use year round. We offer 20% off our jewelry, home goods, decor, engraved personalized gifts, gift baskets, flowers & even savings from major retailers for one year when you purchase a Heart Club annual membership for $20. It will pay for itself in one or two uses. You can also earn $20 for referrals on wedding & flower preservation services just for telling a friend. Our has more info and updates to the membership benefits are being added weekly Your membership is billed yearly. We are also interviews for representatives of our entire line including our custom creations. If you would like to build an income with residual income, please schedule a video conference.Let us help you celebrate the times of your life!

Warm wishes and happy celebrations! Lori & Company

Lori loribella blogAfter several years in the wedding, gifts, fundraising & business expo world, we have thousands of contacts that have given their permission to share their info. Contact us if you would like more information on broadening your circle of potential customers in our mail out & marketing efforts. You are invited to join our Heart Club for more savings on Inspired Keepsakes Collections that includes keepsakes, engravables, flowers, gift baskets, baby apparel, jewelry and home goods. You are cordially invited to listen to or be a guest on our radio program. Lori & Company.





Our team

Our team is dedicated to providing old fashioned courteous customer support and consist of people who have worked for corporations and non profits. They are dedicated to making sure our shoppers remain loyal life long shoppers at Loribella & at our event site, We have produced three business expos and several corporate events. Our staff have worked for prestigious tech companies & universities. Our event planner has worked as an event planner for a private university, an exclusive Hollywood event agency, Make A Wish and the Reagan Foundation.

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