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?? Bride's Emergency Kit
The following lists wedding day necessities & emergency items. They should be placed in a bag & left in the bride's changing room so it will be easily accessible should the need arise. Assign it to one of the bridesmaid's, a mother, or a reliable guest who can be at the reception a little early if needed. Hopefully you will never have a need for these items on your wedding day, however, it is best to be prepared. These are suggested items. Customize your emergency kit as you see fit. We have left extra rows for your use.

Health / Hygiene


Misc. Items

antacid/Pepto-Bismol makeup flat shoes
aspirin/ibuprofen makeup remover throw away garter
Prescription medications perfume club soda (for stain removal)
band aids mirror juice/soda (straws)
deodorant brush/comb/pick double stick tape (for falling hems)
tampons/pads nail polish & remover phone list of vendors you're using
extra panty hose nail file hard candy/fruit or crackers for jitters
hand lotion nail glue spare corsage pins
toothbrush and toothpaste barrettes/bobby pins small throw away camera
baby powder (also works great for spills on a white dress -- just dab with water and then baby powder) water spray bottle spare change
handy-wipes hair dryer (for hair or drying dresses after stain removal) small sewing kit w/ extra buttons & scissors
tissues hairspray/gel hand towels (2) white
static guard curling iron cell phone

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